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top 5 Bioluminescence kayak tours – cocoa beach florida 2024

If you are ready to experience the glowing water effect of Bioluminescent at Cocoa Beach, then you have come to the right place! I am going to share with you the top 5 bioluminescence kayak tours in Cocoa Beach, Florida.

Kayaking here at night is an experience like no other. You can paddle through waters that light up with every stroke, turning the ocean into a sea of stars.

I’ve experienced these tours myself, and I can tell you, it’s an adventure you’ll never forget. But choosing a suitable tour can be difficult sometimes as the internet has become very confusing. That’s why I’ve done the legwork for you, picking out the best.

In this article, I’ll share my top picks for bioluminescence kayak tours in Cocoa Beach. Whether you’re a kayaking newbie or a seasoned pro, these tours will dazzle you. Let’s begin without wasting any time to find the perfect one for your 2024 adventure!

1: Bioluminescence Kayak Tours at Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge

Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge

Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge is amazing at night. During the day, it’s full of wildlife. But at night, the water starts to glow. This glow is because of the “Dinoflagellates.” When you kayak and move the water, they light up.

The best time to go on the Bioluminescence Night Kayaking tour is after sunset. This is when you can see the glow the best. The guides will tell you how these Dinoflagellates live in the warm, shallow water.

What’s really great about this tour is the glow that is very bright and beautiful. The atmosphere is peaceful on the water at night. You can learn about the local nature.

It’s a unique way to see nature at night. The tour left a big impression on me. It’s something different that you don’t often get to do. This tour is a must if you’re looking for an unforgettable night in Florida. It’s a great mix of adventure and nature.

2: Sunset Bioluminescent Comb Jelly & Dolphin Tour

Sunset Bioluminescent Comb Jelly & Dolphin Tour

Next up is the Sunset Bioluminescent Comb Jelly & Dolphin Tour. This tour also starts at sunset. You get to see the sky change colors as the sun goes down. Then, the bioluminescence starts to show up.

The tour begins with a beautiful sunset. You see the sky turn orange and pink while you’re on the water. In cooler months, comb jellies light up the water. These are different from the Dinoflagellates. They glow in a cool way when you touch them.

Sometimes, you see dolphins during the tour. They swim near your kayak, which is really exciting.

What I like the most is the mix of sunset and glowing water. Seeing the comb jellies and dolphins was a bonus. The guides are friendly and know a lot about the area.

This tour is perfect for people who like sunsets and nature. It is safe and fun tour for families and groups. The Sunset Bioluminescent Comb Jelly & Dolphin Tour is a mix of beauty and excitement. It’s another way to experience the magic of Cocoa Beach at night.

If you’re curious about going for a swim, check out if you can swim in Cocoa Beach, Florida.

3: Bioluminescence Tour On The Banana River

Bioluminescence Tour On The Banana River

The Bioluminescence Tour on the Banana River is a peaceful escape into the night. It’s different from other tours because it’s on a river. The Banana River is calm and great for anyone, even if you’ve never kayaked before.

When you’re out on the water here, the bioluminescence is really strong. Every time you paddle, the water lights up a lot. It’s beautiful. The river is away from city lights, so it’s really dark. This makes the glowing water stand out even more.

I remember how quiet it was. Just paddling and watching the water glow was so peaceful. The guides knew a lot about the river and shared cool stories. It made the tour even better.

This tour is perfect if you like calm, quiet places. It’s also good for families or groups. Everyone can enjoy the smooth ride and the bright glow of the water.

The Bioluminescence Tour on the Banana River shows you a different, quieter side of Cocoa Beach at night. It’s a beautiful, memorable experience.

4: Manatees/Sunset/Bioluminescence Tour

Manatees/Sunset/Bioluminescence Tour

Another amazing tour in Cocoa Beach is the Manatee Sunset Bioluminescence Tour. The tour starts in the evening so you can enjoy the beautiful sunset over the water. As the sun goes down, the bioluminescence starts to appear.

On this tour, you can see Manatees, they often appear in the area. It’s a really amazing to see them in their natural habitat. As it gets darker, the bioluminescence takes over. The water starts glowing around your kayak, which is a beautiful sight.

I found this tour to be a mix of everything. You get the beauty of the sunset, the excitement of possibly seeing Manatees, and the wonder of the glowing water. It’s a great combination.

This tour is great for anyone who loves wildlife and nature. It’s also good for families. The chance to see manatees and the glowing water is something kids would love.

The Manatee, Sunset, and Bioluminescence Tour is a unique way to experience the natural beauty of Cocoa Beach.

5: Indian River Lagoon and Bioluminescence Tour

Indian River Lagoon

The last must-try tour I recommend is the Indian River Lagoon and Bioluminescence Tour. This tour takes you right into the heart of one of the most studied bioluminescent environments in the world. The Indian River Lagoon is Just an hour from Orlando, this place is a hidden gem at night.

On this tour, you get to see the lagoon come alive with neon-blue lights. Every paddle stroke stirs up a glow in the water, the effect is stunning and so bright, it’s like nothing else I’ve seen.

The Indian River Lagoon is known for its rich marine life and serene environment. As you kayak, you’re surrounded by the quiet of nature, but with a magical twist. The glow from your kayak lights up the fish in the blue-lit shallows, adding to the surreal experience.

This tour is a fantastic choice for anyone who loves nature and wants to see something truly extraordinary. It’s a great way to spend an evening, experiencing the natural wonders of Florida in a completely new light.


Bioluminescence kayak tours in Cocoa Beach offers an unforgettable experience. Each of the tours I’ve mentioned has its own charm, from the star-like glow of the Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge to the serene beauty of the Indian River Lagoon. It’s more about connecting with nature in a unique and magical way.

These tours are perfect for anyone, regardless of kayaking experience. If you’re planning a visit to Florida, don’t miss this incredible adventure. It’s a memory that will last a lifetime.


When is the best time to go bioluminescent kayaking?

The best time is during the warmer months, from May to October. This is when the dinoflagellates are most active, making the bioluminescence brightest.

Is bioluminescent kayaking safe?

Yes, it’s very safe. The tours are led by experienced guides who ensure everyone’s safety. Plus, the waters in these areas are generally calm.

Do I need any kayaking experience?

No, beginners are welcome. The guides will teach you basic kayaking techniques before you start.

What should I bring on the tour?

Wear comfortable clothing that can get wet and bring water shoes. Also, don’t forget insect repellent and a water bottle.

Can children participate in these tours?

Yes, these tours are family-friendly. However, check with individual tour operators for age restrictions and safety guidelines.

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