Perlis Malaysia

Perlis Malaysia: Things to Do and Places To Explore

Perlis Malaysia’s smallest state, is nestled at the northern tip of Peninsular Malaysia, bordered by Thailand to the north and the state of Kedah to the south. Despite its size, Perlis is a treasure trove of natural beauty, cultural heritage, and serene rural landscapes. This quaint state offers a slower pace of life, perfect for travelers looking to explore a less commercialized destination.

Why Visit Perlis?
Perlis offers a unique blend of attractions that cater to nature lovers, history buffs, and cultural enthusiasts. From its lush parks and mysterious caves to its bustling markets and historical sites, Perlis provides a diverse range of experiences that showcase the authentic charm of Malaysia.

Top Things to Do in Perlis Malaysia

Explore Perlis State Park
Perlis State Park is a haven for nature lovers. Spanning the Nakawan Range, this park boasts impressive limestone forests and a rich biodiversity of flora and fauna. Hiking trails lead to breathtaking viewpoints, and the park is also home to the Wang Burma Caves, which offer adventurous spelunking opportunities.

Visit the Snake and Reptile Farm
Located in Sungai Batu Pahat, the Snake and Reptile Farm is both an educational and thrilling experience. The farm houses various species of snakes, including pythons and cobras, as well as other reptiles. It’s an excellent opportunity to learn about these creatures in a safe environment, and the farm also serves as a research center.

Discover the Gua Kelam Recreational Park
Gua Kelam, or the Dark Cave, is a must-visit for those intrigued by natural wonders. This limestone cave, with its underground stream, offers a unique experience as you walk through the dimly lit passageway. The cave was historically used as a tin mining site, and remnants of the past can still be seen.

Wander through Tasik Melati
Tasik Melati, located in Kangar, is a picturesque lake garden dotted with over 150 small islands. It’s a perfect spot for picnics, leisurely walks, or paddle boating. The tranquil setting and well-maintained gardens provide a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Experience the Wang Kelian Sunday Market
The Wang Kelian Sunday Market is an experience like no other. Located near the Thai border, this bustling market is a melting pot of cultures, offering a wide variety of goods from both Malaysia and Thailand. From fresh produce and local delicacies to handicrafts and clothing, it’s a shopper’s paradise.

Places to Explore in Perlis

Kangar: The State Capital
Kangar, the capital of Perlis, is a charming town that combines modern amenities with historical charm. Stroll through the town center to explore local shops, eateries, and landmarks like the Alwi Mosque. Kangar serves as a great base for exploring the rest of the state.

Arau: The Royal Town
Arau is known as the royal town of Perlis and is home to the Royal Palace, Istana Arau. The town is also the main gateway to Langkawi, with frequent train and bus services. Arau exudes a regal charm with its well-preserved architecture and royal heritage.

Kuala Perlis: The Coastal Town
Kuala Perlis is a quaint coastal town famous for its seafood and as the departure point for ferries to Langkawi. The town is known for its vibrant fish markets and eateries where you can savor fresh seafood dishes. Don’t miss the stunning sunset views over the Straits of Malacca from the coastal promenade.

Cultural and Historical Attractions

Kota Kayang Museum
The Kota Kayang Museum offers a deep dive into the history and culture of Perlis. Housed in a former palace, the museum showcases artifacts ranging from ancient relics to royal heirlooms. The beautifully landscaped grounds add to the museum’s allure.

Al Hussain Mosque
Al Hussain Mosque, also known as the Floating Mosque, is a modern architectural marvel located in Kuala Perlis. Built on stilts over the water, the mosque appears to float during high tide. Its unique design and serene ambiance make it a must-visit, especially during sunset.

Royal Palace of Perlis
The Royal Palace, or Istana Arau, is the official residence of the Sultan of Perlis. While the palace itself is not open to the public, its exterior is a sight to behold, showcasing traditional Malay architecture. The palace grounds are often used for royal ceremonies and events.

Outdoor Activities and Nature

Hiking in Wang Burma Caves
For adventure enthusiasts, hiking in the Wang Burma Caves is an exhilarating experience. The caves, located within Perlis State Park, offer challenging trails that lead through dense forests and limestone formations. The trek is physically demanding but rewards hikers with stunning natural scenery and the thrill of exploration.

Bird Watching at Bukit Ayer Recreational Park
Bukit Ayer Recreational Park is a haven for bird watchers. The park’s diverse habitats attract a wide variety of bird species, making it an ideal spot for nature photography and bird watching. The park also features picnic areas, swimming pools, and nature trails, making it a perfect family destination.

Cycling Tours Around the Countryside
Exploring the countryside of Perlis on a bicycle is a fantastic way to immerse yourself in the local scenery. Cycle through picturesque villages, paddy fields, and fruit orchards, and experience the rural charm of Perlis. Several local operators offer guided cycling tours that provide insights into the region’s culture and traditions.

Food and Cuisine

Must-Try Local Dishes
Perlis is a food lover’s paradise with its unique local dishes. Don’t miss out on Laksa Perlis, a spicy noodle soup with a tangy fish broth, or Nasi Kerabu, a colorful rice dish served with an array of herbs and condiments. Traditional Malay kuih (sweets) are also a must-try, offering a taste of the region’s culinary heritage.

Popular Eateries and Restaurants
For a memorable dining experience, visit Ana Ikan Bakar Petai, known for its grilled fish marinated with petai beans. Another popular spot is Hai Thien Seafood Restaurant in Kuala Perlis, where you can enjoy fresh seafood with a view of the sea. Local food stalls and night markets also offer a wide variety of delicious and affordable meals.

Travel Tips for Perlis

Best Time to Visit
The best time to visit Perlis is during the dry season, from November to April, when the weather is pleasant and suitable for outdoor activities. Avoid the monsoon season, from May to October, as heavy rains can disrupt travel plans.

How to Get There
Perlis is accessible by car, bus, train, and ferry. The North-South Expressway connects Perlis to major cities in Malaysia. Regular bus and train services operate from Kuala Lumpur and other major cities to Arau and Kangar. Ferries from Kuala Perlis provide convenient access to Langkawi.

Accommodation Options
Perlis offers a range of accommodation options to suit different budgets. From budget hostels and guesthouses to mid-range hotels and luxury resorts, there is something for everyone. Popular choices include Putra Regency Hotel in Kangar and Hotel Seri Malaysia in Arau.


Summary of Highlights
Perlis, with its diverse attractions and serene landscapes, offers a unique travel experience away from the usual tourist trails. From exploring natural parks and caves to immersing yourself in local culture and cuisine, there is plenty to see and do in this charming state.

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