Honeymoon Island State Park, Florida

Honeymoon Island State Park, Florida – All You Need to Know

Planning to visit the famous Honeymoon Island State Park? I know how crazy the name is it is the exact opposite the what you expect. Honeymoon island State Park is a very calm and special place in Florida. It’s close to cities like Tampa and Clearwater but feels like a world away due to its nature and atmosphere.

You can relax on its beaches, hike through forests, and see many birds and animals. It’s easy to get there, and once you’re there, you can do things like biking, kayaking, or just chilling on the beach.

The island has beaches with soft sand and some areas with cool driftwood and rocks. It’s a great place to take a walk, have a picnic, or the craziest thing you can do is get married on Honeymoon Island beach.

There are no camping spots on the island, but you can find places to stay nearby in Dunedin or Clearwater.

In this guide, I will help you plan a fun trip to Honeymoon Island, whether you’re going for a day or staying longer. Let’s dive in and find out what makes this island so special!

Where is Honeymoon Island State Park?

Honeymoon Island State Park is obviously in Florida and it is connected to the city “Dunedin.” If you’re wondering where it is, it’s easier to find than you might think!

Honeymoon Island State Park

The Honeymoon Island State park is located near Tampa and Clearwater. Specifically, it sits across Saint Joseph’s Sound from Palm Harbor, Florida. It’s about a 45-minute drive from Downtown Tampa and just 20 minutes from Downtown Clearwater.

The park covers over 385 acres of land and 2,400 acres of water, including 4 miles of beach. That’s a lot of space to explore!

You can use this address for GPS: 1 Causeway Blvd, Dunedin, FL 34698. It’ll lead you right to the park.

Best Way to Get To Honeymoon Islands State Park

Getting to Honeymoon Island State Park varies depending on how you want to go, especially if you’re coming from different states.

Get To Honeymoon Islands State Park

The most common way to reach Honeymoon Island State Park is by car. The park is connected to the mainland by the Dunedin Causeway. If you’re coming from the Clearwater area on Florida’s west coast, you’ll take SR 586 across the causeway. The park’s address for your GPS is 1 Causeway Blvd, Dunedin, FL 34698. This route is about a 25-minute drive north of Clearwater Beach​​.

For public transport options, you can take the Jolley Trolley to Dunedin if you’re in the Clearwater area. You’ll need another ride from Dunedin, like a taxi or Uber, to reach Honeymoon Beach​​.

Mostly locals or people who live nearby prefer to go by bike. And if you are up to it, you can enjoy a scenic ride to the park. You can bike along the Pinellas Trail and then the causeway to the island.

It’s a great way to enjoy the outdoors and exercise before relaxing at the park​​.

What is Honeymoon Island Famous For?

Honeymoon Island State Park is mostly famous for its natural beauty with a wide range of interests.

The park features over 4 miles of sandy beaches with soft sand, intriguing driftwood, and rocky coastlines. The clear waters have the feel of the Caribbean, which makes it an ideal location for a day at the beach.

Then, there are hiking trails like the Osprey Trail. It is one of the few remaining Florida virgin slash pine stands. Other trails include the Nature Center Trail and the South Beach Trail System, each offering unique views and experiences​​.

Osprey Trail

The Honeymoon Island State Park has plenty of wildlife, such as ospreys and bald eagles, great horned owls, Gopher Tortoises, and even rattlesnakes. You may spot nesting sea turtles and shorebirds​​​​at certain times of the year.

Water activities like kayaking and paddle boarding are popular at Honeymoon Island. You can explore the shoreline or take a short trip to Caladesi Island.

One more magical place that I want to add is “Cocoa beach Bioluminescence”. this place has some magical glow in the night. You can also visit this place it is great for its night kayak tours in florida.

A unique feature of the Honeymoon Island beach I Like most is its dog-friendly beach. It’s one of the few places to enjoy the beach with your dogs which makes it more suitable option for dog owners​​.

Beaches in Honeymoon Island State Park

Honeymoon Island State Park has 3 beaches. Each beach has its character, and each area offers different activities and experiences.

#1. Main Beach

This is the most popular beach at Honeymoon Island. It has the classic white sandy shores Florida is known for. It is perfect for sunbathing, swimming, and relaxing. Main Beach is the typical Florida beach experience, with ample parking, well-kept bathrooms, and a café for convenience​​​​.

#2. Dog Beach

Dog Beach is mainly for visitors with dogs. It’s inland and a great spot for pets to play and splash​​​​. It’s one of the few dog-friendly beaches in the Tampa area, making it a favorite for pet owners​​​​.

#3. North Beach

North Beach is a narrower beach with small rocks, shells, and driftwood. It is ideal for shelling and exploring. North Beach is the right choice if you’re looking for a more untouched, rugged beach experience. It also provides good opportunities for surfing when the conditions are right​​​​.

Where to Stay at Honeymoon Island State Park Florida?

If you are planning a visit to Honeymoon Island State Park and looking for nearby accommodation, there are several great options to consider:

The most popular choice is Winter the Dolphins Beach Club, Ascend Hotel Collection in Clearwater Beach. It offers comfortable and modern accommodations. It’s rated 8.0/10 and is very well-reviewed by guests for its service and amenities​​​​.

Another option is Clearwater Beach Marriott Suites on Sand Key. This hotel has an 8.8/10 rating. Guests appreciate its excellent location and facilities, making it a great choice for a stay near Honeymoon Island State Park​​​​.

If you are looking for a luxury stay, Hyatt Regency Clearwater Beach Resort & Spa is a fabulous choice. With an 8.8/10 rating, it’s known for its outstanding service, beautiful rooms, and great location​​​​.

One more recommendation is Hotel Cabana Clearwater Beach. Hotel Cabana offers a cozy and personalized stay. It has an 8.4/10 rating and is appreciated for its charming atmosphere and friendly staff​​​​.

The last on our list is La Quinta by Wyndham Clearwater Central. A reliable and comfortable option, La Quinta by Wyndham is rated 8.1/10. It’s a good choice for those looking for a balance of quality and value​​​​.

Final Thoughts on Honeymoon Island State Park

And that was all that I wanted to share about Honeymoon Island State Park. If you are planning a visit, do check it at least once!

It’s a great place with lots to do all year. Enjoy the beaches, trails, and kayaking. The park has a cool history and lots of animals to see. Plus, there’s a beach just for dogs.

Need a place to stay? There are nice hotels nearby in Dunedin and Clearwater Beach.

Got questions or did I miss something? Let me know in the comments!

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FAQs Related to Honeymoon Island State Park, Florida

What are the Opening hours Honeymoon Island State Park?

Honeymoon Island State Park is open from 8 AM until sundown, 365 days a year. Keep in mind that sundown varies throughout the year​​.

Is there a fee to enter the park?

Yes, the entrance fee is $8 per vehicle (2-8 people), $4 for single-occupant vehicles, and $2 for pedestrians or bicyclists​​​​.

Can I bring my dog to Honeymoon Island?

Absolutely! The park has a dedicated dog beach. Remember, dogs must be on a 6-foot leash​​​​.

Are there places to eat inside the park?

Yes, the park has two cafes – Cafe Honeymoon and South Beach Pavilion Cafe. They offer a variety of food items, beverages, and snacks​​.

Can I go camping at Honeymoon Island State Park?

No, the park does not allow camping. However, there are numerous accommodation options nearby​​.

Can I rent kayaks or bicycles in the park?

Yes, you can rent kayaks and bicycles in the park. There are various rental options available for exploring the island​​​​.

Is Honeymoon Island suitable for swimming?

Yes, the park has several beach areas that are great for swimming, including the popular Main Beach​​.

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