is Indonesia safe for solo female traveler

Is Indonesia Safe for Solo Female Travelers in 2024?

Thinking about traveling solo to Indonesia? Indonesia is a beautiful country and has many reasons to visit. Indonesia has many beautiful beaches, ancient temples, and bustling markets. But as a woman going alone, you probably ask, “Is it safe for solo female traveler?” It’s a smart question, and you deserve a straight answer.

Like any travel, it comes with risks and rewards. In recent years, Indonesia has become friendlier for solo female travelers. But it’s crucial to go in with your eyes open. I’m here to share what I’ve learned during my trip to Indonesia.

In this post, I will share my thoughts on how safe it feels, what to watch out for, and tips for solo female travelers. I want you to have all the info you need to enjoy Indonesia without unnecessary worries.

Is it Safe to Travel to Indonesia for Solo Female Travelers?

You’re right to ask about safety. It’s the number one concern for solo females who want to travel alone. Let’s be honest for a moment and discuss whether Indonesia is safe for solo female travelers or not.

Bali Indonesia

Generally, Indonesia is one of the safest destinations to travel, especially Bali is very safe. In my recent travel to Indonesia, I found it to be a land of warm smiles and helpful people. But, like anywhere, it has its downsides. In busy places, keep an eye on your belongings. And in quiet spots, avoiding being alone at night is wise.

Recently, Indonesia has taken steps to be more welcoming to travelers like us. There are tourist-friendly policies and more resources for safety. But it’s still important to do your homework. Before I went, I read up on local customs and learned a few phrases in Bahasa Indonesia. It made a big difference.

Remember, how safe you feel comes down to your actions. I always stayed aware of my surroundings, dressed modestly, and kept my plans flexible. It’s about blending in, not standing out. And trust me, a smile goes a long way in making friends and getting help.

Things to Know Before Traveling to Indonesia

Whenever you plan a visit to a new place, there are certain little things that you should take care of. Knowing and being prepared for these few important things can make all the difference between a smooth sailing trip.

First of all, always check for visa requirements. Mostly, Indonesia offers visa-free entry or visa-on-arrival for short stays. But rules change, so double-check before you book your flight.

Secondly, choose the best time to visit, Indonesia is tropical and warm all year. But it’s best to avoid the rainy season from November to March. I went during the dry season, and the weather was perfect for beach days and temple hopping.

The third and most important thing to know, Indonesians are generally conservative. Dressing modestly is respectful and helps you blend in. Also, a little Bahasa goes a long way. Even ‘Terima Kasih’ (thank you) can brighten someone’s day.

Next, get health Insurance just to be safe, you don’t know what medications will cost you, and also check if you need any vaccinations before you go. I made sure my routine shots were up to date and packed a small first-aid kit.

Bring some extra cash for emergencies. It is wise to prepare a budget plan for your trip and have some backup cash for uncertain circumstances. Keep some Indonesian Rupiah on you, but have a backup card just in case.

You want to stay connected while traveling. Wi-Fi is common in tourist areas, but I suggest getting a local SIM card for data and calling. It can be a lifesaver for maps, translations, and keeping in touch.

Finally, transportation is a major part of your solo travel. Renting a Scooter is the most favorable way of transportation in Indonesia. It is a more convenient and cheap way to explore.

But if you are not comfortable traveling on a scooter you can take taxis, online app riding services, or local transport service for an even more affordable option.

One thing you should follow before booking a Taxi or private cab is to confirm the price and destination before starting the trip.

Safe Places to Travel in Indonesia

Now that you’re ready with the basics, let’s talk about the safest places to visit in Indonesia.

Mostly whenever you hear or see about Indonesia You will hear and see most of Bali. Bali is like the center hub for travelers in Indonesia. No doubt Bali is as beautiful as heaven on earth, and there is so much to explore and things to do in Bali.

Why go to Bali Indonesia

In my opinion, Bali is the safest place for solo female travelers. I loved Ubud for its serene rice terraces and yoga studios. For beaches and nightlife, Seminyak and Canggu were both comfortable and fun.

Second place is Yogyakarta. The locals are friendly, and there’s so much to explore, from ancient temples like Borobudur to the vibrant street art. I felt safe walking around and found it easy to meet other travelers.


Then there is the Gili Islands. The Gili Islands are perfect for you if you’re looking for a laid-back beach vibe. I chose Gili Trawangan for a mix of relaxation and social life. The islands are small enough to feel intimate but busy enough that you’re never truly alone.

The next place is Lombok. Lombok is located in the east of Bali, and it is kind of Lombok is like a quieter sibling. The beaches are stunning, and the hiking is world-class. I stayed in Kuta Lombok, a friendly spot where I could surf daily and relax in cozy cafes by evening.

Lombok Bali

And one more safe suggestion is Bandung. For a city experience, Bandung surprised me. It’s artsy and cool, with a young vibe, thanks to the local universities. I enjoyed the cafes and the street food, and the locals were incredibly welcoming.

Bali Indonesia on a Budget

To be safe, stick to well-lit areas at night, always have a way to call for help, and trust your gut. If something feels off, it probably is. And, of course, make local friends! Indonesians are generally very friendly and helpful.

Tips for Solo Female Travelers in Indonesia

Traveling alone as a solo female Traveler is an exciting adventure, especially in a place as rich and diverse as Indonesia. I have made some checkpoints and additional tips to make your trip safe, enjoyable, and memorable.

#1. Always choose the right and safe accommodation. Hostels are great for meeting people. They’re usually safe, budget-friendly, and full of other travelers who can share their experiences and tips. If you prefer more privacy, Airbnb offers affordable and unique stays.

#2. Download offline maps on your phone before heading out. Google Maps and are lifesavers when you’re exploring new areas. This way, you’re never lost, even if you stumble into a Wi-Fi dead zone.

#3. Bring a hot and cold water bottle with you and stay hydrated. Always drink bottled water. The tap water in Indonesia is not safe for drinking. I carried a large stainless steel bottle and refilled my bottle to save money and reduce plastic waste.

#4. If you travel in a Taxi, stick with Blue Bird taxis. They are safe and reliable and use a meter so that you won’t get overcharged. Their app is super handy, allowing you to order a ride and pay with a card. Watch out for look-alikes, and always confirm it’s a genuine Blue Bird.

#5. Stay connected to the internet and get a local SIM card. I avoided airport kiosks and got mine from a local shop for a better deal. Even if you’re looking to unplug, it’s crucial to have a way to reach out in case of emergencies.

#6. Things in Indonesia don’t always go as planned. Transport might be late, or you might find an amazing place that you want to explore more. So, make a flexible schedule to discover places you have never planned on visiting.

#7. Get around like a local, Rent a scooter, and explore at your own pace. Make sure you have an international driving license, and always wear a helmet and proper shoes.

#8. Indonesia is a cultural mosaic. There are people from different cultures and religions. The majority are Muslims, Java, and Hindu Bali in Indonesia. Dress modestly, be mindful of religious rituals, and remember the sarong and sash if you’re visiting temples.

#9. Pack only necessary items. Traveling light makes moving from one place to another much easier. You’ll also have space for souvenirs! Don’t forget a travel adapter for Indonesia’s outlets and essential items like sunscreen and insect repellent.

#10. An eye mask and earplugs can be your best friends, especially if you’re staying in hostels or areas where nights are lively. Roosters and motorbikes start early, so these little items can ensure you get the rest you need.

#11. Indonesians are incredibly friendly. A smile and a greeting can lead to genuine interactions and even friendships. Don’t be shy and connect with the local people around you, but stay within a limit. Too much interaction can also put you in dangerous situations.

#12. Indonesian food is delicious and affordable. Try dining at a ‘warung’ for an authentic experience. Be cautious with raw fruits and vegetables, and stick to cooked dishes if you have a sensitive stomach.

#13. Prepare for different toilets like squat toilets, especially in less touristy areas. Carry your tissues and hand sanitizer, as they’re often unavailable.

#14. Avoid illegal activities at all costs. The laws in Indonesia, especially regarding drugs, are very strict. Stay informed and make wise choices to ensure your trip is only filled with good memories.

Traveling solo as a female in Indonesia is an adventure. With these tips, you’re more prepared to handle the challenges and reap the rewards of this incredible journey.

Final Thoughts on “Is Indonesia safe for solo female travelers?”

And that was all about “Is Indonesia safe for solo female travelers.” I hope this complete guide helps you to make your solo trip to Indonesia safe and fun.

This was my perspective against Indonesia, and everyone has their perspective. I’ve told you about my trip, and now it’s your turn to pick where you want to go. Indonesia is sure to amaze you.

From quiet temples to stunning waterfalls and green rice fields, Bali has so much to see. But most of all, enjoy your time in Bali. It’s more than just a place to visit; it’s an experience to remember.

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FAQs Related to “Is Indonesia Safe for Solo Female Travelers?”

Is Indonesia safe for solo female travelers?

Yes, Indonesia is generally safe for solo female travelers, especially in tourist-friendly areas. Exercise usual caution and be aware of your surroundings.

What should I wear in Indonesia?

Dress modestly to respect local customs, especially in rural areas. Cover shoulders and knees, particularly when visiting temples.

Is English widely spoken in Indonesia?

English is commonly understood in tourist areas but less so elsewhere. Learning a few basic Bahasa Indonesia phrases can be very helpful.

How do I handle transportation as a solo female traveler?

Use reputable taxi services like Blue Bird and consider renting a scooter if you’re comfortable. Always agree on fares in advance.

What are the must-visit places in Indonesia for solo female travelers?

Popular and relatively safe destinations include Bali, Yogyakarta, Lombok, and the Gili Islands.

Can I drink tap water in Indonesia?

No, it’s not safe. Always drink bottled or filtered water.

What should I do in case of an emergency?

Keep local emergency numbers handy, know the address of your country’s embassy, and have a travel insurance policy that covers Indonesia.

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