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8 Reasons Why You Should Visit Sumatra Indonesia in 2024

Have you ever heard about Sumatra Indonesia? Most of the tourists don’t even know about this amazing place. It is far from the typical tourist trails.

If you ask me why Sumatra is a must-see? Sumatra has a unique, genuine feel you won’t find elsewhere. It gives you a vibe of an untouched world.

If you prefer true nature beauty rather than fancy hotels and crowds Sumatra is perfect for you. Apart from the adventure I know, that trekking through the jungle might be challenging for many tourists and the humidity can be intense. But, that’s all part of the adventure, isn’t it?

So if you are still interested in visiting Sumatra Indonesia, I will share 8 reasons that make Sumatra a must-visit and why you should add this beautiful place to your bucket list for your Indonesia trip.

8 Reasons to Visit Sumatra Indonesia

Sumatra has wild jungles and deep traditions that offer exciting adventures and a whole new experience with the locals. It is perfect for relaxing for a couple of days enjoying nature and culture or just wanting a break from the usual.

Let us just explore the eight big reasons why Sumatra is a must-see.

#1. Sumatra Has a Diverse Wildlife

Sumatra is filled with amazing animals and plants. It’s one of the few places where you can see nature up close. You can go to Gunung Leuser National Park, a big green park, and see animals like big tigers and orangutans in their homes.

Sumatra Has a Diverse Wildlife

Sumatra lets visitors come and enjoy nature without hurting it. When you visit, you’re not just watching, you’re also learning about how to take care of nature.

It lets you see and learn about some of the most interesting animals on Earth. It’s a chance to step into their world, learn something, and help spread the word about protecting nature, which is very important today.

#2. Sumatra Has the Highest Volcano in Indonesia

Sumatra has many pretty awesome volcanoes. Some of the volcanoes are still active and they all have stories about how they helped form the land. But, Mount Kerinci is the highest volcano in Indonesia.

 Mount Kerinci

Sumatra has very rich soil because of these volcanoes. This makes for very green and lively areas full of plants and animals. There are cool places to explore, like lakes that look like mirrors and natural hot springs that are great for relaxing.

When you climb a mountain on these mountains, especially in the morning, the view from the top feels amazing. Seeing the sunrise, with beautiful colors in the sky, is something you won’t forget.

#3. World’s Largest Matrilineal Society in West Sumatra

Sumatra is full of different cultures, stories, and traditions from people living there. It’s perfect for people who love learning about different ways of life.

In Sumatra, you can find many groups of people, each with their special traditions. For example, the Minangkabau people in West Sumatra have a special way of living where women lead families, and they’re famous for their unique houses and tasty, spicy food.

Matrilineal Society in West Sumatra

The Batak tribes love their colorful music and dances. Sumatra invites you to explore and learn about its rich mix of cultures.

In West Sumatra, the Minangkabau people form the world’s largest society where women are in charge. This is a special way of living where family names and property are passed down from mother to daughter.

It’s a unique part of Sumatra’s cultural tapestry, showing how different traditions can be from one place to another.

#4. Adventure and Outdoor Activities in Sumatra

Sumatra is a great spot for outdoor Activities, such as walking in big, foggy jungles or rafting on fast rivers with beautiful views.

Outdoor Activities in Sumatra

You can hike, surf on quiet beaches, dive in clear waters, or explore hidden valleys. It’s perfect for anyone who likes to explore.

The Untouched nature of Sumatra is what makes Sumatra special. You can see places that haven’t changed much, where the beauty and adventure are real and untouched.

#5. The Unique Food Scene in Sumatra

When I was exploring Sumatra’s street food, I discovered some amazing spots that are worth mentioning. One place that stood out was a satay restaurant in Padang known for its Sate Padang.

Martabak Mesir

Then there’s Martabak Kubang Hayuda, famous for its Martabak Mesir. It’s a type of stuffed pancake with options for both savory and sweet fillings, and it’s incredibly flavorful. Another spot I found was Ongkrongan Turagari, located near Padang Beach. It’s perfect for late-night cravings, especially their lontong.

Lastly, Warung Kopi Nan Yo became my go-to for brunch. They offer unique traditional snacks and coffee options, like the intriguing raw egg coffee. It’s a cozy spot that feels like a step back in time with its traditional vibe.

#6. Friendly and Welcoming People of Sumatra

Sumatra is a great place to visit, not just for its beautiful views and food, but because the people are so friendly. Everyone welcomes you with open arms and smiles. The locals are very kind and love to share their way of life and stories with you, making you feel like you’re making new friends.

People of Sumatra

In Sumatra, they have a special way of treating visitors like honored guests, making sure you’re comfortable and happy. This friendly way of life is seen everywhere on the island, from the busy cities to the quiet villages.

When you meet locals, you might get invited to join in their daily activities or special celebrations. It’s a chance to see what life in Sumatra is really like, beyond what any travel book can tell you.

#7 Sumatra is really Affordable

In Sumatra, you can find hotels starting at just $10 a night, making it a great choice for budget-friendly travel. You can enjoy delicious local food at street stalls and markets for just a few dollars, allowing you to experience the island’s diverse cuisine without spending much.

Sumatra is really Affordable

You’ll find a variety of affordable places to stay, from cozy guesthouses and local homestays to eco-friendly lodges, all at surprisingly low prices. Eating out is also a bargain here.

You can savor delicious local dishes at street food stalls and markets for just a few dollars, giving you a taste of Sumatra’s diverse cuisine without emptying your wallet.

What’s more, you can visit many of Sumatra’s natural and cultural attractions for little to no fee. This means you can spend your days exploring lush rainforests, traditional villages, and stunning landscapes without worrying about expenses.

Sumatra invites you to dive into its experiences fully, without the stress of keeping track of every penny spent. The affordability of Sumatra makes it a must-visit.

It opens up the chance for more people to explore this unique part of the world, connecting with its culture, nature, and people in a meaningful way.

#8. Historical Sites and Heritage of Sumatra Indonesia

Sumatra is also home to some really important historical and natural sites. Sumatra has some of the best National Parks in Indonesia, like Gunung Leuser, Kerinci Seblat, and Bukit Barisan Selatan National Parks.

These parks are protected because they’re home to rare animals and plants, making them super important for nature conservation​​.

Gunung Leuser National Park

When I headed to Padang, I realised that there is history everywhere. Padang has been a hub for trading since the 16th century, where you could find spices, gold, and textiles.

Despite being hit by an earthquake in 2009, the city’s heritage sites like old mosques and churches have been carefully repaired. This shows the resilience and dedication of the local people to preserve their history​​.

Sumatra offers a chance to explore, learn, and get inspired by the beauty of nature and the richness of history. It’s a place where you can really feel the depth of our world’s heritage.

Final thoughts on Sumatra Indonesia

And there you have it, a comprehensive guide to Sumatra Indonesia, for you to explore. Remember, this is just a starting point, and everyone’s journey is unique, shaped by their own tastes and preferences.

I hope this post helps you decide and plan your trip to Sumatra. Sumatra is a remarkable blend of natural beauty, cultural depth, and adventure, all waiting for you in one incredible destination.

It’s a place where you can experience everything from the untamed wilderness of its national parks and the warm welcome of its people to the rich flavors of its cuisine and the historical echoes in its ancient sites.

So, whether you’re looking for serene moments amidst lush landscapes, engaging cultural encounters, or the thrill of outdoor adventures, Sumatra offers a diverse array of experiences to satisfy every traveler’s desires.

FAQs Related to Sumatra Indonesia

What languages are spoken in Sumatra?

Sumatra is home to 52 unique languages, with Indonesian being widely spoken across the island. In tourist areas, many locals also speak basic to fluent English, making communication easier for visitors​​.

What about healthcare in Sumatra?

It’s recommended to bring essential medications with you, properly labeled and with a copy of your prescription. Pharmacies (apoteks) are available for basic medical supplies and medications, often without needing a prescription.

Larger cities have more reliable medical facilities, but always ensure to have travel insurance for peace of mind​​.

What is Tuak?

Tuak is a local beverage often referred to as “palm wine.” It’s fermented from the sap of a palm tree (not related to palm oil trees) and can be quite potent. It’s an affordable drink, commonly found and enjoyed across Sumatra​​.

What visa do I need for Sumatra?

As of the latest information, visitors can obtain a Visa on Arrival (VOA) for a 30-day stay, payable in cash at entry points. An E-VOA option is also available, allowing for online application and renewal for another 30 days​​.

Is Sumatra safe?

Generally, Sumatra is considered safe for travelers, with locals being friendly and welcoming. However, caution is advised in big cities and when exploring at night. Always have travel insurance and take normal safety precautions as you would anywhere​​.

How can I buy a local SIM card in Sumatra?

Information on purchasing a local SIM card wasn’t directly covered in the sources, but generally, SIM cards are readily available at airports, convenience stores, and specialized shops. Look for major providers for the best coverage, and ensure your phone is unlocked before purchasing a SIM card.

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